Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PIZZA - Tryst with yeast and Baked Pepper & Potato Fuseli Pasta

On Hubby's birthday , he wanted to have everything special right from breakfast .Sometimes he is very demanding. I toyed with several ideas what to do for him. He actually not person to go for English Junk food. He is very desi at heart when it comes to having Junk food like Samosas , Vada Pav , Bhajji's etc. But still i decided to take a chance and decided to prepare a Pizza and Pasta all by me. This was actually a great risk. Since in past I had never been lucky with Mr. Yeast who always enjoyed to give me nightmares. But i have said earlier , failures inspires me to try. I did the same. I followed Shilpa's Pizza base recipe. I kept the dough overnight . I had become such a yestophobic that i was getting up every 2 hrs to check up the dough. And to my utter surprise , the dough had started raising right one & half hrs. I had to replace the dough in bigger box. I was so happy to myself. It is said , If there is a will , there is a way. Morning I just rolled the dough and the pizza base was ready.
  • Red & Yellow & Green Bell Paper
  • Cheddar Chese
  • Corn nibblets
  • Baby Corns
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Mozarella Chese

I prepared 2 Pizzas following Shilpa's directions. I used the store brought pizza sauce. Applied the sauce in Pizza base followed by grated cheddar chese , peppers , corns and baby corns. Spread some diced mozarella and fresh chopped basil leaves over the topping. I prepared one with Pizza sauce and one without it. Hubby liked the one without sauce the most. One thing is for sure that my husband will not be entering the Pizza Hut or Domino's or any other Pizza Parlour anymore. He was happy and that made my day.

I decided to have the accompaniment to Pizza and decided to prepare baked pasta. During our training sessions , we had planned for this executive lunches which comprised of Baked pasta with vegetables, noodles , sandwiches , salads etc. That was the first time, I had tasted the Baked pasta and liked that taste. That taste was always at the back of mind. So I set on mission to prepare the pasta.Just started the work on intuition. Since i did not have time to surf the net at the moment , started recollecting the things seen on blogs , sites , books etc.


  • Boiled the potatoes with salt and cut it in round. Boiled the fuseli as per the instruction on the packet.
  • Buttered the oven proof dish and arranged the potatoes,Grated some cheese over them
  • Spread a layer of remaining diced peppers from Pizza and corn nibblets and baby corn.Spread the cheese slices. Spread the boiled Fuseli over it. Spread the Pasta sauce over it. Grated some cheese over it.
  • Spread the dices of Mozarella cheese and baked at pre heated oven at 180 C for 20 mins.

The hot and savoury Baked Pasta is ready to be devoured. Hubby liked the same. But he was more in praise for Pizza. May be next time i ll try the same with more vegetable and homemade Indianised sauce to give it a real desi and rustic taste.

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