Monday, June 15, 2009


When I was growing up in Malvan , i was fascinated by the world outside the Malvan. Literally envy my cousins who were staying in Mumbai. But when I stepped into Mumbai for my higher education , I was missing Malvan very badly. Maybe since my entire family was in Malvan. I used to wait for my holidays to go back home. I used to hang out with my friends at Juhu beach , Nariman Point , but used be restless in mind. I remember as a kid , whenever my cousins used to come to Malvan for their Summer vacations , we used to have such fun. Ours was a joint family. Today we all remember those days and miss those days very badly. I dont remember we ever slept in afternoon , even after a heavy meal. We used to hang out in our backyard , full of Coconut and Cashew trees. Used to play hide and seek. Once while hiding behind a coconut tree , i had accidently slipped in cow dung , everyone had a good laugh. Everyone still remember that. When I was kid , Malvan used to a sleepy town. In afternoons , u can actully find complete silence on the roads. Those days i never liked that.Nowadays whenever I go to Malvan , I miss that silence. Malvan is now buzzed with tourists and that is all the time. Roads are no more empty. Beaches , Markets are always full.
I had studied Change Management in my management syllabus. We did presentations on how we have to be adaptive to change. But I am not able to gulp this change. Modernisation is everywhere. How my little town will be left behind. I remember my grandfather never liked the pressure cooked rice , mixer grinded gravies. We had this hand grinder at my house. My Kaki ( aunty) used to grind masala for gravies . It was a bit time consuming , but I must say taste used be really good.
My husband is already in love with Malvan, its beauty , its food and its simple life style. He has so many future plans to settle there down on one fine day. Touchwood!!! Every year we visit Malvan in Ganesh Chaturthi and Summer Vacations. This year I can not go since my little son was not well and was not actually able to cope up with the rising mercury levels. This is his second summer only. But my brother had gone and this time he visited some places which we had never been there. We are planning to go there in next summer. Lets see what Amu(my son) has plans for himself.
Those who have not been there , plz visit once. You ll be totally in love with my little town.


  1. Feels like Back home..

  2. I am feeling nostalgic on reading this,remembering my hometown & innocent people. Nice post.


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