Wednesday, May 6, 2009



After so much of thinking and re-thinking, I am on the bloggerworld. No one would believe, but even I was planning to find a good muhurat before stepping into this wonderful world of explorations. Today, just sitting quite in my living room , thought just crossed my mind and here I am already registered as blogger and typing my Opening Speech . Friends , I don’t know , how far I would go ! I just don’t want to think about about it . What I know is that at this moment, there are butterflies in my stomach…. (literally eating my intestines) . Just need a good support from my fellow bloggers and the guidance from time to time.

I am a true Malvani ( read as Fishetarian), presently residing in Pune. I am foodie by heart and love to experiment with food when has ample time in hand . Being a full time HR professional , has a very little time in hand to experiment. But the food creations on internet has just bowled me over and inspired me to jump into this sea . I may not be writing daily but definitely , will be trying to update every now and then. I have always enjoyed preparing non – vegetarian dishes but recently, I am bugged by new bug called BAKING after visiting few truly baker blogs. In fact once settled in this new found passion, I think I would definitely like to join Daring Kitchens. Presently, I am bustling with the enthusiasm to
blog, blog and blog…..

One more secret is trying to get out of pocket is that no one is aware till now is that I have my own space on internet… shhhhhhhhhhhh… not even my darling hubby….

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  1. Welcome to the blogging world..I'm sure after the initial apprehension,you'll be able to blog regularly.I am an eager baker myself and I am looking forward to see your baking expeditions!!


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