Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lord Ganesha's Favourite - MODAK

Lord Ganesh is my favourite god. Whenever I look at HIM , I feel that all my tensions are relieved. I can never imagine that HE can ever be angry on anyone. HE is so cute, adorable and still has that command over you . My bonding with HIM goes back to my growing up days. Since I belong to Konkan region , we are grown up worshipping him during the Ganesh Chaturthi . As a kid , we used to gear up for Festival like anything. At my place , we keep Ganesh idol at home for 11 days. During all these days , the fun quotient used to be very high & still it is . The preparation would start 1 month prior to the festival. The house is used to be cleaned and painted every year before festival. We, kids used to enjoy every bit of it . It may be a ordeal for our elders to clean such big houses.

I still remember and miss those days. We used to get up early in the morning and get ready to go along with papa to bring the idol at home. In konkan , the idols are made of clay and not of plastar of paris and are very heavy , require at least 6-7 people to lift them. Ours is a joint family . My granny, mother and all aunties used to start their food preparations since morning . There is used to be a great spread of at least 5 vegetables, gravies , dal , snacks and the highlight of the menu…. MODAK!!! The favourites of Lord Ganesha....

We prepare Modaks of rice flour and they are steamed. I prepare Modak every month on the day of "Sankashti Chaturthi".
Ingredients :-
Rice Flour :- 1 Cup
Coconut :- 1 Cup
Jaggery :- 1/2 Cup ( add as required)
Ghee :- 2 tsp
Cardamom powder to flavour
Cashews,raisin :- Optional
Recipe :-

  1. Boil 1 and 1/2 cup of water in a heavy bottomed pan. Add salt and ghee to it.

  2. Add rice flour to it and cook it covered on low flame for 4-5 mins. (UKAD is ready)

  3. Add jaggery to wok and cook till it melts. Add scraped coconut and cardamom to it. Mix it thourughly.

  4. Add cashews and raisins (Optional. I like the cruch while eating it). Your SARAN is ready

  5. Take the cooked rice flour in dish and knead it properly. Divide the dough into small balls.(Generally I make 21 modaks for naivedya)

  6. Roll each ball to size of small puri.Place it on your Palm(apply oil generoulsy to your palm to avoid sticking of the dough) Fill it with saran.

  7. Bring together the ends in form of plates and form a tip and seal the same. Repeat the procedure for rest of dough balls.(Cover all the modaks with wet cloth to avoid drying resulting in cracking)

  8. Oil a colander and arrange all the modaks in it. Boil water in a big pot and keep the colander covered with dish on it and steam it 10- 15 mins. ( Those who have a steamer can steam the modaks in it.)

The NAIVEDYA is ready to be offered to Lord Ganesh.

During rainy season , the HALDI leaves are available. The modaks are to covered with these leaves and steamed. It gives them such exotic aroma. Mind blowing.......... Generally we stored the dried leaves also and put them in while steaming.. it also helps


  1. Modak looks so pretty...every year,during Ganesh chathurthi,I try to make these modaks but fail miserably.I never can shape them so beautifully.We always offer Patholi to Ganesh bhagwan.I'm sure He'll be happy to have such a cute looking Modak:)

  2. Thanks Divya. Your words are very inspiring.It has the magic of being first comment for my blog...Keep trying. U ll definitely succeed and this is experienced. My mother and SIL are better artiste than me.

  3. Hey Sheetal..I am planning to try making Modak this time for Ganesh Chathurthi.I hope to make it look as pretty as yours,with pleats and all..:).Wish me luck..:)

    Advance wishes for Ganesh Chathurthi.:)


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